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Risk Management

Risk Management & Worker’s Compensation Training

Risk Management

Local government operates within the bounds of a tight budget and unforeseen budget expenses wreak havoc with department plans, citizen initiatives, and more.

CVMIC understands the challenges that local government faces every day. Unfortunately, bad things can happen when providing so many services to so many citizens. Risk Management training focuses on preparing for risk, investigating accidents, handling claims, and understanding the finer points of your insurance coverage.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation training educates your staff about how the entire process works including how to investigate accidents and process claims with your dedicated CVMIC claims specialist. When an employee is hurt the cost of loss is far more than the ensuing medical bills, and this training walks your staff through processing return to work programs, light duty, and so much more.

It is hard to anticipate and mitigate problems alone; thankfully, your dedicated and experienced Loss Control Specialist is a phone call, email, or visit away.

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