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Employee Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability & Human Resources

Employees can only comply with laws and regulations if they are aware of them first.

Our Employee Practices Liability (EPL) and Human Resources (HR) training will help educate your staff about the complicated web of employment laws. It is difficult to stay in compliance with ADA, FMLA, FLSA, and the EEOC’s anti-harassment policies without the help of a dedicated resource especially if these issues happen infrequently.

Your dedicated EPL specialist works with local government on complex and unique cases every day. Through a combination of training, consulting, and auditing your EPL partner will help develop your staff to prevent costly and complicated HR problems and litigation. Best of all, this specialized help is one phone call, email, or onsite visit away.

In addition to EPL support, CVMIC will help provide a host of professional and HR skills including:

Customer Service
Diversity Training

Documentation & Discipline
Drug & Alcohol Testing

Hiring, Recruitment, & Onboarding
…and so much more!

Investing in EPL training transforms ongoing employment questions into lasting employment solutions.

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