The CVMIC Loss Control department is proud to partner with our members to offer a wide variety of resources to meet your specific needs.

Local government encounters many unique challenges. As your partner we understand that some problems call for a simple and immediate answer; therefore, we offer an on-demand comprehensive online resource library. CVMIC helps take the guesswork out of resources because our resources are vetted and reviewed by experienced Loss Control professionals.

Some of CVMIC’s most commonly used resources are:

Model Policies, Manuals, and Documents

Digital Instructional Videos and Physical Videos to Rent

New Employee Orientation Materials and Videos

Safety Posters, Materials and Paycheck Stuffers

Short, Targeted Training; Comprehensive Online Training

Recorded and Live Webinars

… and so much more!

We are here to meet your needs

Additionally, CVMIC posts our training program materials on our website so you can access detailed and relevant information as you need it without worrying about the storage and organization of paperwork.

In short, we are here to meet your needs and are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring you high-quality and relevant information in-person, in our online library, and on our website.

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