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The Cities & Villages Mutual Insurance Company (CVMIC) Loss Control department is focused on building an individualized work plan tailored for each of our member’s specific needs. Each CVMIC member is assigned an experienced and dedicated team of specialists. Our professionals understand the unique pressures and challenges of local government because we work directly with municipal employees every day.

Loss Control services come at no additional cost to our members and provide many unique benefits. We believe that improving your organization is a long-term investment in both your municipality and our membership. This service-based relationship is what sets CVMIC apart: we are onsite in your community investing in your people’s practices, processes, and policies, to prevent loss and protect our pool of members.

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Improving and educating your people is a core focus of the Loss Control team.

Your dedicated Safety & Risk Management Specialist and Employment Practices Liability Specialist are available when you need them and will work with you onsite in your community to develop and improve your employees.

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Everyone can use a helping hand.

The CVMIC Loss control team is experienced in partnering with local government and verifying that your team’s behaviors and processes are on track or if they can be improved.

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Improper equipment and practices can lead to chronic pain.

Sitting and working at a desk is not as safe and comfortable as it may appear, and worker’s compensation claims are not exclusive to jobs that are physical in nature.

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Keeping people safe is the right to do.

Not to mention, for a number of reasons, it is better to address an unsafe situation before it becomes a matter for the courts.

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Policy Development

There is a right way and a wrong way to develop a policy.

When given the opportunity to make a choice people may make the wrong decision. Well-developed policies are designed to help guide individuals in making the right decision more often.

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We’ve curated a selection of CVMIC’s most commonly used resources.

The CVMIC Loss Control department is proud to partner with our members to offer a wide variety of resources to meet your specific needs.

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Great ideas can come from anywhere!

The CVMIC Loss Control department wants to put our money where our mouth is. As your partner, we know first-hand that our members are doing great and innovative things to improve your organization.

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The Loss Control department offers a variety of services focused on improving our member organizations. These services are provided at no cost, or at a low-cost, to provide value and assistance.

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