Improving and educating your people is a core focus of the Loss Control team.

Your dedicated Safety & Risk Management Specialist and Employment Practices Liability Specialist are available when you need them and will work with you onsite in your community to develop and improve your employees.

In addition to tailored onsite training, we offer online training resources, webinars, e-learning, and “quick courses” on demand as you need them. Training is also offered regionally across our membership and in-classroom at the CVMIC office.

When budget dollars are tight, training often feels the pinch; fortunately, at no cost to our members, CVMIC training helps fill the void by keeping our members safe, in compliance, with less risk, and increased skills.

Safety and Health

Safety & Health Training

Our safety and health training focuses on how we can help transform your employees into working more safely, productively, and efficiently. This training prevents lost time, costly worker’s compensation claims, and injury settlements.

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Employee Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability & Human Resources Training

Employees can only comply with laws and regulations if they are aware of them first. Our Employee Practices Liability (EPL) and Human Resources (HR) training will help educate your staff about the complicated web of employment laws.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development Training

One of the best ways to improve your organization is to improve your leadership. Leaders are responsible for your organizational culture, communication effectiveness, employee recognition and motivation, and so much more.

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Risk Management

Risk Management & Worker’s Compensation Training

Local government operates within the bounds of a tight budget and unforeseen budget expenses wreak havoc with department plans, citizen initiatives, and more.

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